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Welcome to Grease Removal Company

We provide professional grade grease trap service and maintenance, which includes the safe and sanitary removal of grease and waste water from interceptor systems. We pride ourselves in our quality of service. Our grease trap service consists of pumping, cleaning and thoroughly inspecting the interceptor to ensure it is in proper working order. We are also careful to abide by all governing rules and regulations.

Grease Trap Service

25 to 10,000 gallons, we have the equipment and personnel to serve your needs. Grease traps need regular routine service to be effective. these traps are designed and used to protect your lines, the city's lines, and to protect the city's waste water treatment plant.

Our fleet of pump trucks is ready to service your grease trap. We specialize in restaurant grease traps.

Best Customer Service

Unlike the big national collectors, we are a local California company with a responsive and friendly staff that is always available to help the same day you call.

Reliable Grease Pickup

Regular and reliable pick up and collection with our biodiesel powered fleet means you’ll never have full containers or run out of room for your grease.