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Del Mar Restaurant Grease Removal

Del Mar Restaurant Grease Removal

Grease Removal Company provides used cooking oil/grease removal service to restaurants in Del Mar.


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Grease Removal Company is a family-owned company that promotes environmentally friendly business practices, self-sufficiency, and sustainability. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, GRC has made a name for itself by providing excellent customer service, by not cutting any corners, and by staying loyal to its clients. Because we are a small business, we have a more personal relationship with the clients and therefore a more vested interest in their successes.



Used cooking oils from the restaurant or food industry are categorized as a waste and can be a serious problem, particularly for plumbing as it does not disappear. Even though you have flushed it with hot water or soap, it will be a gel and change into solid residue in the form of thick layers inside drainpipes or sewage pipelines so that it can constraint water flow which negatively affect the business’s plumbing system or the city sanitary line. Indeed, it’s messy, smelly, and miserable and expensive to clean up if not properly disposed.

Especially for the restaurant or food industry with the high rate of cooking oil consumption, pouring down the used cooking oil into the river or ocean will be a disaster as it brings negative effect toward the environment. Thus, regulations on the disposal systems, particularly on used cooking oil have been made and must be complied by every restaurant. Based on the code regulation, it is a must for every restaurant to recycle their used cooking oil by having it collected by a licensed IKG Hauling company. The restaurants which do not obey this regulation can have very costly fined or penalized, even the closing of the kitchen if it becomes habitual.


How do the used cooking oil collection companies work? While some companies are charging for a grease collection service. We will provide a free used cooking oil collection service. In other words, it is free so that the restaurant can save the budget allocation and since grease is a commodity, we will pay you for your grease. It is important to note by every restaurant that it is recommended to cooperate with the licensed companies as they will supply you with the waster transfer note also known as a manifest from 124. This note will give you the proof that you have disposed of your used cooking oil legally any time the city inspection comes to your restaurant. Usually, the companies collect your waste oil on the agreed regular basis, such as weekly, fortnightly, once in three weeks, or other agreed


Getting your service started is simple. Simply call our toll free number 833-473-2731. Our professionals will need the necessary informations such as: Restaurant Name, Address, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, etc.. Once all the information is received we will immediately schedule container delivery and future used cooking oil pick up service. Get fast dependable service today by choosing Grease Removal Company, a full service grease company serving Southern California.