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Grease Removal Company


Grease Trap Cleaning

• We vacuum grease, oil, and food particles from your grease trap.
• We inspect your grease trap to ensure it is functioning properly and running freely.
• We treat your system with a non-toxic solution that aids drainage and minimizes grease trap odor.
• We repair and reseal grease trap covers.

Grease Trap Maintenance
We suction clean and maintain your restaurant’s grease traps at scheduled intervals and make sure it’s all working perfectly.

On schedule and On Time
We analyze your restaurant’s needs and schedule cleaning and maintenance to keep your system running freely.

Start Clean, Stay Clean.
We clear up even the most stubborn greasy spots in your kitchen, and keep them clean as long as we’re with you.


• Free assessment of your grease trap needs.
• Scheduling of cleaning – you never have to call us.

For all kitchen grease trap needs, call Grease Removal Company at (833) 473-2731.