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Grease Removal

You’ve got a restaurant or cafeteria to run. You can’t be bothered with kitchen grease back ups, smells and spills. This will not only send your guests elsewhere, you can face hazards and fines that can shut your restaurant down.

Grease Removal Company will do all the work for you. We’ll empty and clean your grease traps and keep you in compliance with  State and City regulators. 

We service restaurants, cafeterias and food kitchens throughout Southern California. Call us to schedule a regular grease trap maintenance and cleaning schedule. Let us do the dirty work, helping to keep your kitchen clean and operational.

We completely clean your grease traps, inside and out. We’ll vacuum grease, oil, and food particles and polish all surfaces. Every time we touch your grease trap, we’ll inspect it to ensure it is functioning properly and efficiently. We also treat your system with a non-toxic solution that aids drainage and minimizes those nasty grease trap odors.

Grease Trap Maintenance

We suction clean and maintain your commercial kitchen’s grease traps at scheduled intervals and to sure it’s all working properly. Grease Removal Company also repairs and reseals grease trap covers as well as all other service and maintenance needed to keep your system clean, odorless and running efficiently.

On Schedule and On Time

We determine your kitchen cleaning needs and schedule service to ensure your system runs freely. You’ll never have to call us for service. We’ll contact you to remind you that you are due for a scheduled service. This way, grease trap maintenance is worry free for you.

Start Clean, Stay Clean.

We clear up even the most stubborn greasy spots in your kitchen, and keep them clean as long as we’re with you. We use commercial grade equipment and supplies so your system is properly maintained whether you have a small restaurant kitchen or a large cafeteria that needs regular cleaning.

And to make sure your system is ready for guests, all surfaces are hand polished to bare metal. Open your restaurant to a clean kitchen.


Contact us for a free assessment of your grease traps. For all kitchen grease trap needs, call (833) 473-2731.