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Grease Trap Maintenance

Cooking oil is one of the things we use in preparing various foods daily. In fact, cooking oil is more often than not included in our daily consumption. The everyday use of cooking oil/grease also brings us to the issue of proper disposal. Improper disposal of the fats from our cooking is bad for our surroundings, not to mention, illegal. This usually starts in the restaurant.There are many instances when waste cooking oil is not properly disposed of. This grease passes through the pipes and, in the long run, causes the plumbing systems to clog.

California is fortunate to have used cooking oil/grease collecting companies like Grease Removal Company. Our service can help lessen the unwanted effects of improper used cooking oil disposal. Grease Removal Company is here to collect and recycle all your grease to be converted into a more useful resource. Before your used cooking oil containers overflow, call Grease Removal Company at 833.4473.2731 today! 

There are various companies in California that collect cooking oil that can be converted into something useful such as bio fuel and Grease Removal Company is your first choice among service providers in the state. The services we make available see to the solution of issues with waste oil disposal and/or collection. We pick up the waste vegetable oil from local restaurants and business and bring them to recycling plants. This is now a flourishing industry that you and other business can benefit from. If you have considerable amounts of waste oil produced from your business, do not just throw them away or flush them down the drain as this can just cause restaurant and environmental issues. You can instead have us, an oil collection company, come and dispose of it. Call us right now at 833.473.2731 before your oil containers overflow!