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Mission Valley Restaurant Grease Removal

Mission Valley Restaurant Grease Removal

Grease Removal Company is a Southern California based restaurant grease removal company that provides the most efficient, clean, economical, and worry free grease collecting service. We recycle your grease that protects our waterways to provide sustainable new products with the used cooking oil. We utilize the safest equipment and processes to recycle your used cooking oil ethically and environmentally friendly manner. Unlike most companies, we PAY YOU for your grease!

We can collect your used cooking oil, other fats and vegetable based oil byproducts, and fryer grease. We also can clean grease traps of all sizes and provide line jetting services ensuring complete liquid waste removal from your restaurant. From automated scheduling and 24 hour service, Grease Removal Company can be your liquid waste recycling company.

All of our grease removal practices are environmentally conscious and in compliance with California’s state laws. Please don’t wait to set up your used grease cooking oil, grease trap cleaning and line jetting services! When you use Grease Removal Company, you’re doing your part to keep food waste out of landfills and keeping your restaurant up with compliance!

Mission Valley Grease Trap Cleaning

Food service facilities that assign their staff to remove used cooking oil should consider outsourcing this task. Trusting Grease Removal Company with this job ensures that your grease is removed regardless of holidays and in-house staff issues, such as turnover, vacations and illness.

You can have peace of mind that Grease Removal Company will perform the job on a consistent basis, which enables you to focus on your core mission. You can rely on our company to remove and track the used cooking oil in accordance with all applicable regulations.

We collect all types of used cooking oil and provide the most secure units in the industry, which prevent odor, theft and accidental spills. Green Star Biodiesel takes the time required to analyze your kitchen operations, which enables us to provide a collection tank that matches your frying volume and work flow. Our company can collect your grease on an on-call basis, or we can set up a convenient weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.