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Los Angeles Restaurant Grease Removal

Los Angeles Restaurant Grease Removal

Grease Removal Company provides used cooking oil/grease removal service to Los Angeles


• Quick Service Restuarants

• Full Service Restuarants

• Convenience Stores

• Food Manufacturers

• Franchises

• Chains

• Single Units

All of Los Angeles Grease Removal

From Used Cooking Oil to Fuel:

The Process

It starts at the restaurant when you save the used oil/grease in the containers provided by Grease Removal Company.

Grease Removal Company then picks up the oil on a scheduled route. We schedule the pick ups when the containers are at 75% capacity to ensure that the restaurant always has room to drain the fryers when they need to.

We partner with a processor where we transport the oil. At their facility the oil/grease is cleaned, all impurities and water are removed from the oil/grease.

That facility then transports the product to various companies in the state that have the technology and equipment to blend the oil with other materials. Their finished product is bio-diesel, jet fuel, and other fuels used in plant equipment, farm equipment, etc.

With our partnership we all benefit while at the same time we help with the use   of green technology to create renewable fuels to help the environment and dependency on fossil fuels.

Grease Removal Company pays competitive market rates and provides excellent customer service. We have over 30 years experience in the industry. We have modern equipment and are fully insured. Grease Removal Company is a licensed hauler of used cooking oil as mandated by the California Department of State Health Services.